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€ 223.423,00 / € 500.000,00

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In this uncertain times, where we as medics do our utmost best to fight against the corona pandemic, a war has broken out which has caused many casualties. A war that receives minimal attention from the international community, but it affects us all.  

While we as medical workers here in the Netherlands are standing ready for everyone, the inhabitants of Artsakh (Nagorno-Kharabakh) have been victim of very heavy bombing – despite a repeated call for ceasefire by the United Nations.

Our brothers, sisters and colleagues in Artsakh do everything they can to provide the care that is needed, but are losing this battle due to a shortage of medical aids and equipment. The situation there is now so dire that it can turn into a humanitarian disaster at any moment.

We, Dutch-Armenian medics, want to support them in their efforts and ask for your solidarity and help!

Please donate for medical assistance to NL44INGB0009582343 in the name of Vereniging Armeniefonds NL

This is a specifically established branch of the Armenie Fonds for emergency medical aid.

If you are not able to donate, use your voice and share this website!

Armenie Fonds NL has an ANBI status since 2009.